About Author

Yeah, he’s finally here! My own blog! I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a long time, but I’ve never had the last push to actually do it. But now, on a Saturday night, I was sitting alone at home thinking, “Come on, what are you waiting for? How long do you want to put that before you? Until you’re too old for it? “And then I just did it! Although I have to go through a bit here, but that will be so Therefore, do not be so strict with me, if it looks a bit naked here

I would like to introduce myself to you, so that you know which person is actually hiding behind

My name is Irlent, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Bielefeld. To be precise, I live in a small village called Kirchlengern. Totally unspectacular.

At the end of 2015, about a year ago, I started training as a speech therapist at a private school in B├╝ckeburg and I expect to complete the training in 2018. For those who are wondering why speech therapy? Actually, I slipped in there by sheer coincidence, for a long time I did not even know what I
would like to become later.

Incidentally, it is totally smart to create a new blog in the middle of the exam phase … But that’s just me. Suddenly I want to implement a certain thing necessarily and that can not wait, but I want to do it
immediately! But as you know, you like distracting yourself with other things, if you really should learn… You certainly know that too. And blogging is just a great distraction to school stress, I have to say in
my defense.

A little tip, for those who also like to start blogging, but also do not really know how to start: Check out tutorials on YouTube and googling what the stuff! That’s how I did it, to get the input I needed. In the end, I’ve always found what I’m looking for if I did not get any further with the setup. But be aware that you really have to invest a lot of time and that this is not even done in 2 hours. For example, I have spent almost two weeks intensively dealing with everything until my blog finally stood the way I like it
for starters.

So, I hope for the beginning you could learn a little something about me and how the whole thing started rolling. In any case, I am very curious how my blog will develop and I am looking forward to this “new chapter” So far, I’ve put a lot of love and time into it and I hope you can see it too. Nevertheless,
everything is still pretty new and therefore I am of course open for suggestions for improvement, constructive criticism and suggestions on your part. Also, I am pleased about general feedback and if you
have questions or future blog entry wishes, always happy to come here!

I wish you a great day and see you soon!